Prohydrojasmon 98% purity

What is the role of jasmonates in plant growth and development?


The jasmonates(JAs), including Jasmonic Acid and its derivatives, are plant hormones that control plant defenses against herbivore attack and pathogen infection; confer tolerance to abiotic stresses, including ozone, ultraviolet radiation, high temperatures, and freezing; and regulate various aspects of development, including root growth, stamen development, flowering, and leaf senescence.


Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience Co., Ltd. supply Prohydrojasmon, which is derivative of jasmonic acid. Prohydrojasmon can be applied on grapes and apples to improving coloring and also improve fruit taste. The most important thing is the Prohydrojasmon is the most safe Plant Growth Regulators, it can be used for spray the whole tree, no harm to the grape leaf and fruits, and it prolong the time fruits on trees before harvest, the fruit can be keeping fresh long time after harvest.


Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience Co., Ltd. improve Prohydrojasmon processing in 2024, the purity can reach above 98%, and the production cost is decreased, it makes Prohydromjason more catering for fruit growers, help growers with good harvest and good sales.